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Alex Smith, Jr.

It is often said that there are two ways to acquire talent-- it can be taught or you can be born with it. Alex Smith, Jr. was born with it in Montgomery Alabama, to parents who are veterans of the Montgomery bus boycott. His family relocated to Brooklyn, N.Y. when he was three, which made for an interesting upbringing—Brooklyn-grown tinged with southern undertones.


Early in Smith’s professional career, he gained expertise in typography by working as a typesetter and a graphic designer. This typographic experience would later prove invaluable when he started his company, Lex Graphics specializing in all areas of graphic design. The company’s primary directive is toward excellence in all facets of graphic and visual design expression.

In the fall 1996 Smith formed a new company, the LexCollection to encompass his talent in the area of fine art prints. The first series, The Million Ones: Images From The Million Man March, led to a solo exhibit and entered Smith into the world of digital fine art.  Photographs, taken by family members and personal friends, who attended the historic march, inspired the images.  To The Souls of Our Feet, the second series in the LexCollection, paid tribute to dancers and the dance, and was inspired by the Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center (THPAC) with which Smith has a long association and presently serves as the Executive Chairman.


About the LexCollection Process

For the LexCollection, each image is roughly sketched by hand, scanned into a computer, digitally composed, refined, colored and output as a digital fine art print. Each limited edition print, is hand signed and numbered. There are also open edition prints in the collection. For more information go to

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